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We pride ourselves in the quality of the work that we produce, we are also passionate about the provision of accessible content for all people with disabilities.

We do:

Accessible proof reading

This is the lightest level of involvement and is suitable for the final check before the text is converted and or distributed. This consists of a check for superficial errors such as misspelled words, missing punctuation, extra paragraph breaks, incorrect formatting and any other gremlins that might have been missed in a full copy edit. A proofread does not include any text improvements – it is simply a process to catch the last errors and to ensure accessibility.

Copy editing

Copy editing is a more intensive process that involves looking at things like writing style, sentence flow, word repetition and overall structure. This can involve some rephrasing of passages and reworking complex sentences to improve readability or clarity of argument. After the copy edit, the text is returned to you to approve the changes and to attend to any other notes the editor has made.


We convert the text into various accessible formats such as:

* Braille (Text & Print)

* Audio

* MS PowerPoints, Word & Excel

* Website

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