Assistive Technology Sales

Helping you get the best assistive technology on the market

Disability Support

Providing affected people and support staff with the necessary disability support

Disability Training & Workshops

Empowering & Equipping you through training and workshops

Editing & Braile Services

We utilise state of the art OCR technology to convert documents to different forms.

Research & Writing

From academic or business research, we are at your service proving you bespoke research & writing services. 

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We Help People Understand Such Issues Like...

Assistive Technology Procurement

Our knowledge in this area is vast. From determining the type of support needed, choosing the right assistive device, to training the support staff as well as the person using it. We do it all

Disability Support

I help people who has lost in the life cycle to take the control of their life back and start doing things to make their dream.

Research & Writing

We help you with research and writing services. Ranging from academic to business research, our team has the expertise and experience to meet your needs

who are we & what we do

We Can Help You Find Right Keys of Your Disability Support

We are passionate about technology. We recognize the pivotal role technology has come to play in society. Technology enables access, and through access, anything is possible. Our aim is to design and develop disability solutions to solve real-world accessibility problems. We want to partner with you to provide you and your organization to tailor make solutions specific to your needs and that of your students,staff and other stakeholders with disabilities. Our goal is gearing your organization towards accessibility and ultimately success.


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